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M words to describe someone 305 M words to describe someone Macabre Machiavellian Machine-like Machinizeo Macho Maculated Mad Mad-brained Madcap Maddening Madylike Maenad Maenadic Magi Magical Magisterial Magistrate Magna cum laude Magnanimous Magnetic Magnific Magnificent Magniloquent Magpie Magyar Maiden Maidenly Mail order bride Majestic Major Majoritarian Making Maladapted Maladjusted Maladroit Mala fide Malagasy Malaoroit Malapert Malay Malcontent Malcontented Male Maledict Maledictory Malefic Maleficent Malevolent Malformed Malicious Malignant Malleable Malnourished Malodorous Maltese Mammoth Man Man-eater Manager Mandarin Manful Mangy Maniacal Manic Manic-depressive Manichaean Manipulable Manipulative Manly Mannered Mannerless Mannerly Mannish Manque Many- Marriageable Married Martial Martinet Marvelous Masculine Masculinist Masochist Masochistic Mason Masorete Massive Massy Master Masterful Masterly Matchless Materialistic Maternal Matey Mathematical Mathematician Matriarch Matricidal Matronly Matter Mature Maudlin Maverick Mawkish Maximalist Mayor Meager Mealymouthed Mean Mean-spirited Measly Meaty Mechanic Mechanistic Meddlesome Meddling Mediagenic Mediator Medieval Mediocre Meditative Medium Meek Mega Megalomaniac Megalomaniacal Melancholic Melanesian Melanotic Melchizedek Mellow Melodious Melodramatic Memorable Mendacious Mendicant Menoacious Menoicant Menopausal Mensch Mental Mentally retarded Mephitic Mercenary Merchant Mercian Merciful Merciless Mercurial Meretricious Meritless Meritorious Merovingian Merry Meshuga Mesmeric Mesomorphic Messianic Messy Metallurgist Meteoric Methodical Methodist Methodological Meticulous Metropolitan Mettled Mettlesome Mexican Micawber Mickle Middle-class Middle aged Middlebrow Miffy Mighty Migrant Migrator Mild Mild-hearted Militaire Militant Militaristic Milk-and-water Milk-toast Millionaire Mimetic Mind-blowing Mind-boggling Mind-numbing Minded Mindful Mindless Mingy Miniature Minimalist Ministerial Minx Miraculous Mirthful Misanthrope Misanthropic Misaoventurous Misbegotten Mischief- Mischievous Miscreant Miserabilist Miserable Miserly Misguided Misleared Misogynist Missionary Mississippian Mistrustful Misty-eyed Mithraist Mitigative Mitigator Mixed race Mixraced Moabite Mobile Moderate Modest Modifiable Modish Mogul Mohammedan Moiler Mollycoddle Monarch Monastic Money-grubber Money-grubbing Money-spinner Moneymaker Mongol Mongolian Mongrel Monk Monkish Monogamous Monopolist Monopolistic Monosyllabic Monster Monstrous Moody Mooerationist Moon-eyed Moonfaced Moonstruck Moony Moor Moper Moral Moralizing Morbid Mordant Moribund Mornitemcat Moron Morose Morphologist Mortal Moss-grown Mossback Mother Mother-naked Motherly Motivator Motormouth Mournful Mousy Mouthed Mouthy Muddleheaded Muddy Mulish Multilingual Multiracial Mum Mumbler Mundane Munificent Murderous Muscle-bound Muscled Muscular Mushy Musical Musician Musicologist Muslim Mutable Mutant Mutinous Muzzy Myopic Mystic Mystical Mythomaniac