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l words to describe someone 245 l words to describe someone L'nimpressible Labile Laborious Lachrymose Lackadaisical Lackaoaisical Lackluster Laconic Ladylike Laggaro Laical Laid-back Lamaist Lamb Lambent Lamblike Lame Lamebrain Lame duck Lamented Landlord Landowner Languid Languorous Lanky Laodicean Laotian Laoylike Larcenous Large-hearteo Large-minded Largehearted Larger-than-life Larksome Larksomt Larky Larrikin Lascivious Late Latin Latina Latino Latiormitemcat Latvian Laudable Laudative Laudatory Laughable Laughsome Laughterful Laughterless Lavish Law-abiding Lawbreaker Lawless Lax Lazy Le- Le-tongued Leach Leader Leal Leaoable Learned Leasable Lecherous Leech Leery Left-handed Leftist Left wing Lefty Legalist Legendary Leggy Legislator Legit Legitimate Leisured Leisureful Leisureless Leisurely Lenient Leninist Lenitive Leonine Leprous Lesbian Lethargic Lethe Level-headed Levity Lewd Liable Liar Libelous Liberal Liberalist Liberated Libertarian Libertine Libidinous Libyan Licensee Licensor Licentious Lichenologist Lickerish Lie-a-bed Lief Liege Life-giving Lifeful Lifeless Light Light-fingered Light-footed Light-headed Light-hearted Light-minded Lighthearted Lightsome Likable Lily Lily-livered Lily-white Limber Limitative Limited Limnologist Limp-wristed Limpid Lion-hearted Lionhearted Lippy Lissome Listenable Listless Literalist Literary Literate Lithologist Lithuanian Litigant Litigious Little Little bitty Live Lively Livered Live wire Livid Living Loaded Loaferish Loathly Loathsome Loco Lofty Logical Logy Lone Lonely Lonely heart Lonesome Lone wolf Long-sighted Long-suffering Longevous Longhair Look-alike Looking Loony Loony tune Looped Loopy Loose Loose-tongued Loosey-goosey Lop-eared Loquacious Lordly Lorn Loser Lost Louche Loud Loudmouthed Lousy Loutish Loveless Lovelorn Lovely Loverly Lovesick Lovesome Lovey-dovey Loving Low Low-down Low-minded Low-pressure Low-rent Low-spirited Lowbred Lowbrow Lower-class Lowlife Lowly Lown Loyal Lubber Lubricious Lucifer Luciferous Luckless Lucky Luculent Lucullan Ludic Ludicrous Lugubrious Lukewarm Luminary Luminous Lumpish Lumpy Lunatic Lunch-bucket Lunkhead Luoicrous Lurid Luscious Lush Lustful Lustless Lustrous Lusty Lutheran Luxe Luxuriant Luxurious Lycanthropic Lynx-eyed Lyrical