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Cyrenaic – Definition:

Cyr·e·na·ic [sìrr? náy ik] adjective 1. peoples of Cyrene: relating to ancient Cyrene or Cyrenaica 2. philosophy of philosophy of pleasure: relating to or advocating the philosophical doctrines of Aristippus of Cyrene, who believed pleasure is the supreme good noun (plural Cyr·e·na·ics) 1. peoples somebody from Cyrene: somebody who came from ancient Cyrene or Cyrenaica 2. philosophy believer in Cyrenaic philosophy: an adherent of the Cyrenaic school of philosophy 3. philosophy hedonist: somebody who believes that pleasure is the sole good in life [Late 16th century. Via Latin < Greek Kur?naikos < Kur?n? "Cyrene"] -Cyr·e·na·i·cism [sìrr? náy i sìzz?m], noun


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