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counsel – Definition:

coun·sel [kówns’l] noun (plural coun·sels) 1. court lawyer: a lawyer or group of lawyers who conduct cases in court or give legal advice (takes a singular or plural verb) 2. somebody who gives advice: somebody whose advice is sought or who acts as an official adviser 3. advice: advice sought from or given by somebody, especially somebody who is wise or knowledgeable (formal) (often used in the plural) 4. consultation: consultation with others (archaic or literary) transitive verb (past and past participle coun·seled, present participle coun·sel·ing, 3rd person present singular coun·sels) 1. advise somebody to do something: to advise somebody on a particular course of action (formal) 2. advise somebody on personal problems: to give somebody advice and support on personal or psychological matters, usually in a professional context [12th century. Via Old French conseil < Latin consilium "consultation" < consulere "seek advice"] keep your own counsel to keep your thoughts and intentions secret See council. The word counsel ("lawyer, adviser") is correctly pronounced /, kównss'l/, not /, kónss'l/, which is the pronunciation of consul ("government official working abroad"). Word Key: Synonyms See recommend.