corruptive- Definition:cor·rup·tive [k? rúptiv] adjective   harmful to character or behavior: having a bad effect on somebody's character or behavior     -cor·rup·tive·ly, adverb


Candidate- Definition:(plural can·di·dates)  noun  1.  applicant for office: somebody who is being considered for a political office or an official position names of candidates for mayor   2.  applicant for job: an applicant or suitable person for a job Candidates should have experience in market research.   3.  person susceptible to disease or treatment: a patient who seems suitable for a particular treatment, or is likely to be affected by a particular disease a prime candidate for a heart attack   4.  exam taker: somebody who takes an exam, especially somebody who is scheduled to receive a degree upon passing exams a candidate for a Master's degree.   5.  competitor: somebody competing with others for a prize, grant, or award the candidates for best director     [Early 17th century. Directly or via French candidat < Latin candidatus "(candidate) clothed in white"; from the white togas worn by candidates for election in ancient Rome]   -can·di·da·cy [kándid?ssee], noun Word Key: Synonyms candidate, contender, contestant, aspirant, applicant, entrant,  CORE MEANING: somebody who is seeking to be chosen for something or to win something


Cowardly- Definition:cow·ard·ly [ków ?rdlee] adjective  1.  not brave: showing a lack of physical or moral courage, or too scared to do a particular thing a cowardly attempt to avoid blame   2.  cruel and spineless: showing meanness or cruelty to people who are weaker or unable to defend themselves and fear of those who are equal or stronger a cowardly attack on an undefended village      -cow·ard·li·ness, noun -cow·ard·ly, adverb Word Key: Synonyms cowardly, faint-hearted, spineless, gutless, pusillanimous, craven, chicken,  CORE MEANING: lacking in courage cowardly showing a lack of physical or moral courage, or too scared to do a particular thing;  a wicked and cowardly attack too cowardly to admit his mistakefaint-hearted lacking resolve, boldness, or enthusiasm;


Coarse-grained- Definition:adjective  1.  with rough grain: having a large or rough grain  2.  vulgar: vulgar in speech or manner


cluster B personality   - Definition:noun   self-centered personality type: a personality type characterized by self-centered concerns, dramatic gestures, changeable moods, overreaction, anger, resentment, frustration, and a tendency to blame others for personal misfortune

cluster B personality

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