Candy striper   - Definition:(plural can·dy strip·ers)  noun   volunteer hospital worker: a volunteer worker in a hospital, especially a young person    [< the volunteers' red-and-white striped uniform]

Candy striper

Cynical- Definition:
cyn·i·cal [sínnik'l] adjective 1. distrustful of human nature: doubting or contemptuous of human nature or the motives, goodness, or sincerity of others Many people have developed a cynical distrust of politicians. 2. sarcastic: mocking, scornful, or sneering They were made the butt of many cynical jokes. -cyn·i·cal·ly, adverb -cyn·i·cal·ness, noun


Cupid- Definition:cu·pid [kyoopid] (plural cu·pids)  noun   cherubic boy as symbol of love: a representation of the god Cupid as a symbol of love in painting or sculpture    Roman god of love: in Roman mythology, the god of love, the son of Venus, usually represented as a young boy with wings and a bow and arrow. Greek equivalent Eros    [14th century. < Latin Cupido, literally "desire" < cupere "to desire"]


Crush- Definition:noun (plural crush·es)  Object of somebody's temporary romantic attraction: the person who is the object of somebody's temporary romantic infatuation (informal)


Cute- Definition:cute [kyoot] (comparative cut·er, superlative cut·est)  adjective  1.  attractive in childlike way: endearingly attractive in the way that some children and young animals are  2.  physically attractive: young and physically attractive  3.  pleasing: smaller than the usual size but nicely arranged or appointed an apartment with a cute little kitchen   4.  shrewd: sharply intelligent or wily    [Early 18th century. Shortening of acute]   -cute·ly, adverb -cute·ness, noun get cute (with somebody) to show insolence to somebody (informal)


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