Candy striper   - Definition:(plural can·dy strip·ers)  noun   volunteer hospital worker: a volunteer worker in a hospital, especially a young person    [< the volunteers' red-and-white striped uniform]

Candy striper

crossbencher- Definition:cross·bench·er [króss bènch?r] (plural cross·bench·ers)  noun   independent member: a Member of Parliament who belongs to neither the governing party nor any of the main opposition parties


Chicano- Definition:(plural Chi·ca·nos)  noun   Hispanic Mexican American man: a North American man or boy of Mexican descent (sometimes offensive)    [Mid-20th century. < American Spanish, variant of Spanish mexicano "Mexican" < México "Mexico"]   Chicano and Chicana refer only to Mexican Americans. They do not refer to Mexican residents of Mexico. Historically, Chicano is a dialectal variant of the Mexican Spanish word mexicano, "a Mexican," and Chicana is its feminine form. Since opinions about these words can and do differ among the various U.S. Mexican American communities, Mexican American is a preferred substitute.


crusader- Definition:cru·sad·er [kroo sáyd?r] (plural cru·sad·ers)  noun  1.  campaigner: a vigorous campaigner for or against something  2.  Cru·sad·er (plural Cru·sad·ers) soldier in crusades: a soldier who took part in any of the crusades to the Holy Land



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