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Buttress- Definition:butátress [bœttr?ss] noun (plural butátressáes) 1. support for wall: a solid structure, usually made of brick or stone, that is built against a wall to support it 2. somebody or something that gives support: somebody or something that acts as a source of support, help, or reinforcement The constitution is a buttress of our civil rights. 3. projecting rock: a large projecting rock mass that appears to support the rock above it 4. hoof part: the pointed horny rear part of a horse’s hoof transitive verb (past and past participle butátressed, present participle butátressáing, 3rd person present singular butátressáes) 1. support wall: to support a wall with a buttress 2. support or reinforce something: to support, help, or reinforce something, especially an argument, analysis, or point of view He buttressed his views with lengthy quotations from the scriptures. [14th century. < Old French (ars) bouterez "thrusting (arch)" < bouter (see butt1)]