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Butcher- Definition:butcháer [booch?r] noun (plural butcháers) 1. meat seller: somebody who sells meat at retail 2. slaughterer: somebody who slaughters animals for their meat 3. commerce premises of butcher: a store that sells prepared raw meat and meat products 4. brutal killer: somebody who kills people in a brutal manner 5. inexpert proponent of something: somebody who does something badly and produces unattractive results a butcher of the sonnet form transitive verb (past and past participle butcháered, present participle butcháeráing, 3rd person present singular butcháers) 1. kill animal for food: to slaughter and prepare the meat of an animal for food 2. kill people brutally: to kill people in a brutal way 3. botch something: to do something badly and produce unattractive results (informal) The original script had been butchered. [13th century. < Anglo-Norman form of Old French bo(u)chier "slaughterer of he-goats" < boc "he-goat"] -butcháeráer, noun