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Ace- Definition:

ace [ayss] noun (plural ac·es) 1. playing card: a playing card that has a single mark on it, or the single mark itself 2. single-spotted side: a single-spotted side of a die or domino, or the single spot itself 3. tennis winning serve: in tennis, a serve that an opponent cannot reach 4. golf hole in one: the hitting of a golf ball from the tee into a hole in one stroke, or a score resulting from such a stroke 5. air force fighter pilot: a top fighter pilot, especially one who has shot down five or more enemy aircraft 6. somebody with exceptional skill: somebody who is outstandingly good at something, e.g. a sport (informal) transitive verb (past and past participle aced, present participle ac·ing, 3rd person present singular ac·es) 1. tennis beat with serve: in tennis, to beat an opponent by serving an ace 2. golf play hole in single stroke: to play a golf hole with only one stroke 3. defeat somebody soundly: to defeat an opponent decisively (slang) 4. score high grade: to score an A in a course or examination (slang) aced all her finals adjective excellent: very good (informal) [14th century. Via French as < Latin, "unit, unity"] ace in the hole an advantage that is reserved for use until it is most needed (informal) be coming up aces to be flourishing or successful (informal) She's hot, coming up aces with every movie she makes. have an ace up your sleeve to have a hidden advantage (informal) hold all the aces to have all the advantages (informal) within an ace of very close to