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Best- Definition:

best [best] (plural bests) CORE MEANING: better than anybody or anything else1. adjective better than all others: of the highest quality or standard or the most excellent type the best days of your life wearing her best dress the best sprinter of the decade 2. adjective most likely to succeed: most likely to have or come near to the desired outcome the best thing to do in the circumstances 3. adjective most intimate: liked, trusted, and confided in more than anybody else my best friend 4. adverb more than all others: in the highest degree or to the greatest extent likes me best 5. adverb most successfully: in a way that is most likely to have or come near to the desired outcome It works best if you warm it up first. 6. adverb to highest standard: to a higher standard than anybody or anything else the best trained horse in the competition 7. noun what is best: the best possible things or circumstances want the best for their family will only buy the best 8. noun somebody or something better than others: somebody or something of the highest quality or standard is the best at hockey 9. noun top quality: the highest quality or standard that somebody or something is capable of do your best past its best 10. noun top achievement: the best time or score that somebody has achieved in a sport or game trying to beat her personal best in the marathon 11. noun endorsement: used as an enthusiastic endorsement of something (slang) How is your hotel? – It’s the best! [ Old English betest, superlative of good and well2, < Germanic] at best according to the most favorable interpretation at somebody's or its best performing at the peak of ability or effectiveness at the best of times even when circumstances are at their most favorable for the best likely to have a more favorable outcome I'm sorry I can't come, but maybe it's for the best. make the best of something to extract what benefit you can from an unsatisfactory or disadvantageous situation


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