critic- Definition:crit·ic [kríttik] (plural crit·ics)  noun  1.  somebody judging something: somebody who judges or appraises somebody or something an eminent critic of postwar government   2.  writer of reviews: somebody, especially a journalist, who writes or broadcasts opinions on the quality of things such as drama productions, art exhibitions, literary works, and society as a whole the newspaper's TV critic   3.  fault-finder: somebody who habitually finds fault    [Mid-16th century. Via Latin < Greek kritikos "discerning" < krit?s "judge" < krinein "decide"]


cheapie  - Definition:noun (informal)  1.  something cheap: something that is cheap  2.  stingy person: somebody regarded as stingy or ungenerous


cosignatory- Definition:co·sig·na·to·ry [k? sígn? tàwree] (plural co·sig·na·to·ries)  noun   joint signatory: a person, government, or organization that signs a document or treaty jointly with others


Carnal- Definition:adjective  1.  relating to physical needs: relating to somebody's physical needs or appetites, especially as contrasted with spiritual or intellectual qualities (formal)  2.  sensual: sensual or sexual  3.  relating to body: relating to or consisting of the body (formal)    [15th century. < ecclesiastical Latin carnalis < Latin carn- "flesh"]   -car·nal·ist, noun -car·nal·i·ty [kaar náll?tee], noun -car·nal·ly [k?rn'lee], adverb


Cautionary- Definition:adjective   providing warning: involving, giving, or being a warning


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